Global Ecological Integrity Group
Sustaining Global Ecological Integrity and Human Health Through Science, Ethics, and Law


"Ecological functions that generate nature's services underlie all that determines the extent to which a community's health and well-being can flourish.

what bigger responsibility could there be than to anticipate the impact on health due to declines in ecological integrity?"
Colin Soskolne
Steering Committee, GEIG

GEIG Conference Publications

These publications resulted from the annual conferences of the Global Ecological Integrity Group (2009 - current).
Eds. L. Westra, J. Gray, F. Gottwald © 2017
This book explores the impact of disintegrity on various aspects of governance, as the disregard of ecological conditions produce grave direct effects to human rights (to water or food) and, indirectly, also to human security in several ways. International legal regimes need to be reconsidered and perhaps re-interpreted, in order to correct these situations that affect the commons today.

Some believe that our starting point should acknowledge the impact we already have on the natural world, and accept that we now live in the "anthropocene". Others think that the present emphasis on sustainable development needs to be
re-defined. Finally, many believe that reconnecting with moral principles both in professional life and in governance in general represents a necessary first step.
  1. The Common Good and Ecological Integrity: Human Rights and the Support of Life
    Edited by Laura Westra, Janice Gray and Antonio D'Aloia © 2016
  2. Ecological Systems Integrity: Governance, law and human rights
    Edited by Laura Westra, Janice Gray and Vasiliki Karageorgou © 2015
  3. The Earth Charter, Ecological Integrity and Social Movements
    Edited by Laura Westra and Mirian Vilela © 2014
  4. Confronting Ecological and Economic Collapse: Ecological Integrity for Law, Policy and Human Rights
    Edited by Laura Westra, Prue Taylor and Agnès Michelot © 2013
  5. Human Health and Ecological Integrity: Ethics, Law and Human Rights
    Edited by L. Westra, Colin L. Soskolne and Donald W. Spady © 2012
  6. Globalisation and Ecological Integrity in Science and International Law
    Edited by Laura Westra, Klaus Bosselmann and Colin Soskolne © 2011
  7. Democracy, Ecological Integrity and International Law
    Edited by J. Ronald Engel, Laura Westra and Klaus Bosselmann © 2010
  8. Reconciling Human Existence with Ecological Integrity
    Edited by L. Westra, K. Bosselmann and R. Westra © 2008
  9. Sustaining Life on Earth: Environmental and Human Health through Global Governance
    Edited by C. Soskolne, L. Westra, L. Kotze, B. Mackey and W. Rees © 2007

GEIG Foundational Publications

These publications are recommended as readings for foundational concepts related to ecological integrity.
  1. Ecological Integrity and Global Governance
    Laura Westra © 2016
  2. Earth Governance: Trusteeship of the Global Commons
    Klaus Bosselmann © 2015
  3. Towards a Refugee Oriented Right of Asylum
    Eds. Laura Westra, Satvinder Juss, Tullio Scovazzi © 2015
  4. Child Law: Children's Rights and Collective Obligations
    Laura Westra © 2014
  5. Revolt Against Authority
    Laura Westra © 2014
  6. The Supranational Corporation: Moving Beyond the Multinationals
    Laura Westra © 2013
  7. Faces of State Terrorism
    Laura Westra © 2012
  8. Human Rights: the Commons and the Collective
    Laura Westra © 2011
  9. Globalization, Violence and World Governance
    Laura Westra © 2011
  10. Environmental Justice and the Rights of Ecological Refugees
    Laura Westra © 2009
  11. Environmental Justice & The Rts Of Unborn & Future Generations: Law, Environmental Harm & The Rt To Health
    Laura Westra © 2006
  12. Environmental Justice & the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: International and Domestic Law Perspectives
    Laura Westra © 2007
  13. Ecoviolence & The Law
    Laura Westra © 2004
  14. Just Ecological Integrity: The Ethics of Maintaining Planetary Life
    Eds. Peter Miller and Laura Westra © 2002
  15. Thinking About the Environment: Our Debt to the Classical and Medieval Past
    Eds. Thomas Robinson and Laura Westra © 2002
  16. American Heat, Ethical Problems with the United States' Response to Global Warming
    Donald Brown © 2002
  17. Faces of Environmental Racism: Confronting Issues of Global Justice
    Eds. Laura Westra and Bill Lawson © 2001
  18. Ecological Integrity: Integrating Environment, Conservation and Health
    Eds. D. Pimentel, L. Westra and R. Noss © 2000
  19. Implementing Ecological Integrity: Restoring Regional and Global Environmental and Human Health
    Eds. L. Westra, Philippe Crabbé, Alan Holland and L. Ryczkowski © 2000
  20. An Ecological Approach to International Law: Responding to Challenges of Climate Change
    Prue Taylor © 1998
  21. Governance for Sustainability: Issues, Challenges, Successes
    K. Bosselmann, R. Engel and P. Taylor © 2008
  22. Ethics of Environmental Health
    Eds. F. Zölzer and G. Meskens © 2017
  23. Principle of Sustainability
    Klaus Bosselmann © 2016
  24. On Hunger: Science, Ethics and the Law
    Laura Westra © 2017